lover of beauty, words, ideas, art & flesh, in a persistent state of aporia


lover of beauty, words, ideas, art & flesh, in a persistent state of aporia

Autostraddle: Want to Support the Women of the Trans 100? Here's How.

I love Mey Rude’s coverage of this year’s Trans 100. For each feature, she’s found a specific way you can support these women’s efforts. Read, learn, share, support.

HuffPost Live: Janet Mock Co-Hosts Her First Segment on Marissa Alexander


Today, I co-hosted my first segment on HuffPost Live alongside Marc Lamont Hill. We discussed the Marissa Alexander case, “Stand Your Ground” and protecting black women with Esther Armah, Dr. Brittney Cooper and Aaron Laramore. 

She’s gooooood at this.

The 2014 Trans 100 (U.S.) Digital Booklet

I’m amazed at how much more is happening in our community than any of us realize. This is just a glimpse of some of it, but one worth taking.

(Source: trans100)

We Support Anti-Criminalization...


On Friday April 4th at 5 p.m., the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) joined by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan will protest the Amnesty International 2014 Conference. They offer the following rationale for their protest:

Amnesty International is meeting in Chicago…

The 5 Most Inspiring, Thought-Provoking Quotes From The Trans 100

The Trans 100 is the lede in a story about trans women by a trans woman … IN COSMO. I no longer recognize my life.

I remember stealing moments to read Cosmo with a combination of joy and shame. I can’t imagine what would have happened had I seen trans women inside.

Congrats to Christina Kahrl for the gig, and to Janet, Laverne, Geena, and Brynn for the mentions.

I was scheduled to appear on HuffPost Live today alongside Tiq Milan, Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, and Reina Gossett to discuss Trans H4CK, The Trans 100, and the way in which technology is impacting the transgender community.

I learned at the last moment that Kortney had pulled out in protest over the host, Josh Zepps, who had an exceedingly condescending exchange with activist Suey Park regarding her objections to the Colbert Report’s joke at the expense of Asian people. Tiq followed. Upon learning of this, Reina and I pulled out as well.

The Trans 100 was founded upon principles of intersectional awareness, acknowledgement of the realities of privilege, and the way systemic racism hurts all of us.

Personally, I was long seen & treated by this world as a straight white man. I intimately understand that privilege and the blindness it causes. It has taken the loss of some of that privilege, hard work, and lots of input from friends, for me to even begin overcoming some of that blindness. It’s still a struggle for me, and I still occasionally enact racist behaviors.

I will always benefit from my history as a white man, and it always impacts my interactions & perspective. The least I can do is be aware of it. I expect any fellow white person who is engaging in a dialogue with people of color, or any man speaking with a woman, or any cis person dealing with a trans person, to likewise acknowledge their position.

I was very much looking forward to talking publicly with my colleagues and I hope we can find either another host, or another forum. Thank you.