lover of beauty, words, ideas, art & flesh, in a state of aporia


lover of beauty, words, ideas, art & flesh, in a state of aporia

[while cleaning room] I HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES!!

[getting ready to go out] I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!








  • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT RAPE EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. There was never any evidence to support the allegation that she did, and she was acquitted after witnesses discredited the claim.


idk y’all i def need some sources here. Laverne could have made a much better choice in whose letter she read and I wanna believe this but until I’ve got some better sources I’m gonna try and refrain from making decisions because I really wanna be able to defend Cox but right now it’s not looking so hot. urgh.

google… dot… com..?

from what I’ve heard laverne cox was looking for synthia to be put in a women’s prison… even though she dealt with the body of a murdered child… because all ALL trans people should have their genders recognized bc it’s not just a thing reserved for “good” trans people

I’m not saying she deserves to be in a men’s prison, just that I wanted more information before I made a judgement??

What judgment do you think needs to be made here?

If your stance isn’t that only innocent trans women should be put in women’s prison and be given medical care, then exactly what question do you think needs to be answered here before unequivocally supporting Synthia’s rights?

The idea that you need information before you can make a judgment is predicated on the idea that you need to make a judgment, which comes from the notion that every situation cries out for your opinion and every ~*controversy*~ can be improved by you rendering your informed opinion.

Let go of these ideas.

Trans women don’t belong in men’s prisons. If you believe in this principle, embrace it and amplify. Nothing more is required of you here.

of course its a white trans guy blech.

here’s the thing. trans women of color are criminalized just for existing. our bodies are a threat to cisheteropatriarchy and we are punished for it. there is often a panic around our bodies and what we might do to folks, that we might “trick” them that we are women and thus shatter their worldview.

but putting all that aside, prisons are not a safe place for anyone and need to be dismantled. Entirely. its not a matter of innocence or guilt. because prisons are not systems that work around guilt or innocence, even if they pretend too. Prisons are used to exploit primarily Black and brown bodies. they are completely colonial in nature and do nothing the stop crime. Rather it is an extension of the project of kill colonized people.

also, fuck you for being all “i wanna defend her but its hard”. you owe EVERYTHING to trans women of color. we started this shit. you are alive off of our backs. so you will show some damn respect and make sure that terfs and other transmisogynists don’t derail the important work that we are still doing.  

I just finished the first draft of six episode web series. Two of the main characters are trans women.

You know how you can easily avoid casting issues for trans parts?

Write them specifically for amazing trans people you know.

I cannot wait to see missrosscreative bring this to life.

Maybe if…

I appreciate that so many people have like and shared this short piece I wrote in rage one morning a year ago.

You all need know that it’s now one year later and there is still no justice for Islan Nettles. And that violence against trans women of color hasn’t slowed down. Media has improved, and it’s increasingly seen as inappropriate to misgender or mock trans women.

But men still aren’t admitting that they love and sleep with us, they are still driven by shame and stigma to terrible violence.

Trans women of color are still nearly absent from the leadership of the organizations and efforts that could make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable. There is still very little data on the conditions of trans people, and there is no national strategy on how to address violence in the community.

Let’s not forget Islan, or the far too many who suffered violence before and after her. Let’s not forget how much more there is to do.


Maybe….maybe if every man who has ever hired a trans escort, if every boy who has ever beat off to trans porn, if all the guys I and thousands of others have hooked up with via Craig’s List, if the millions who fetishize our bodies, who enjoy us on our knees in bathrooms, who press us against hotel windows, who lay with us in our beds, if the men who adore me and my sisters, but only behind closed doors, would STAND THE FUCK UP AND SPEAK OUT…maybe 21 year old women just enjoying an evening out with friends wouldn’t be beat to death.

Maybe if all of you who read this, our allies and friends and colleagues and family, would call out when others make jokes at our expense, even when we’re not around, if you’d tell advertisers and producers and journalists and writers and comics that you’re not okay with them making trans women nothing but the punchline of jokes or tragic tossaways, that you know us, that we’re not disposable….maybe groups of people would stop feeling so free to harass me and my sisters, maybe crowds wouldn’t just laugh when a man spits at me, or just watch when two young men chase me down the street yelling “shemale”…maybe if you ALL stood up and said enough, maybe a young woman just being herself wouldn’t be beat to death in the streets of the supposedly best place on earth to just be yourself.

Maybe if all the gay men who act as if equality means marriage, if all the white feminists who only serve those that look like them, if all the queers who drop “TWOC” like a shibboleth but don’t know or talk to or walk beside any actual trans women of color…maybe if all of you saw what was happening here and how your actions allow it, how every moment of silence, of waiting for people of color to start the conversation about race …maybe this child could have enjoyed a few more years of being beautiful among us.

A 21 year old was beat to death in our streets. It happened because she is a woman, and of color, and transgender. It happened because our men won’t admit they love us, because our friends aren’t speaking out against the thousand little dehumanizing actions of others, because our own “LGBT” community isn’t comfortable talking about race and class.

This has to change. Now.


for some…

drug addiction is a slow form of suicide that manifests the inner belief that you deserve to lose everything good in your life before you lose your life itself

(via FB) Dear fellow genuinely concerned, heart-in-the-right-place, loudmouth white people (such as myself): now is the time to listen, read, learn, and amplify the voices on the ground, seek out new sources for our news, understand the wider context of these issues, and step back and cede space to those most directly involved and affected. Moving forward, we need to think about and challenge each other on systemic racism, geographic segregation, economic disempowerment, profit driven prisons, militarized police forces, corporate media, and our complicity in all of it. It will be difficult and uncomfortable and unsatisfying and but one small step in the right direction.

Here are just a few places to start (in largely random order):